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Pigtail Cable Singapore | Buy Fibre Optic Pigail

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Pigtail Cable Singapore | Buy Fibre Optic Pigail

Pigtail Cable

Buy Pigtail Cable at Reasonable Prices in Singapore

Lower Installation Loss, Faster Fusion Capable, & Affordable | Order Pigtail Cable in Singapore

The fiber optic pigtail cable is a tight-cushioned fiber cable with a connector on one end and uncovered fiber on the other, which for stripping and blending to a single or multi-fiber trunk. The pigtail can have either male or female connectors. Female connectors are for mounting in a patch board, while male connectors connect to optical handsets.

At Amberwork Source PTE LTD, we supply genuine pigtail/pigail cable in Singapore. The pigtail allows light signal transmission with low or absent interference. Order today and ensure your organization has branded pigtail cables from Commscope.We have fiber optic pigtails—SC, 12 Strand Jacketed, and 3 Meter: APC, UPC, OM1, and OM3 are accessible in both single and multimode versions with one or the other APC or UPC coating. You can install these cables in a high-density application; you can remove the external coating easily to oblige a tighter twist-bend radius.

Compatible with High-Performance Fiber Assemblies & Standard Coupling Adapters | Pigtail Cable

The pre-ended cable reduces installation time and guarantees precision. The 12 SC connectors are ready to plug into a connector board for a faster resume of your business. We supply fiber splicers, including aluminum and plastic versions from a recognized brand, Commscope. These handle work in the range of 12 grafts to up to 144. Ensure your fiber optic connections are secure and ready to transfer data.

Get better quality materials to maintain the uptime and reliability of your workspace. We will help you with any inquiries you may have.Install fiber optic pigtails that provide performance, reliability, and extremely high data transfer capabilities. We also have an armored pigtail—enclosed with stainless steel tube and waterproof pigtail—designed with a stainless steel waterproof unit and PE jacket.

Easy To Strip & Cleave, Machine Polished Connectors | Order Pigtail cable in Singapore Here

Pigtail/pigai cables are essential when cutting inside a splicer by either utilizing a fusion splicer or a mechanical splicer. You can use pre-cleaned assemblies to decrease the danger of connector loss. We have a 12-pack utilizing 900-micron tight-buffered fiber with international standard colors. In addition, these cables are compatible with connectors, such as MTRJ, SC APC, LC, LC-SC APC, ST, and FC.

Get in touch with us today to order simple strip and divide pigtails, thoroughly machine-cleaned connectors provided, guaranteed high quality for steady low loss performance, and identifiable fiber buffer colors for high-density requirements.