Cat6 Cable

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Cat6 Cable

Cat6 Cable

Experience High Speed & Performance | Order Cat6 and Cat7 Cables Here

If you are looking for Category-6 type cables, you are at the website. Not because Amberwork Source PTE LTD is a distributor of premium Cat6a cable, Cat6 UTP cable, Cat6a UTP cable, Cat6 FTP cable and Cat7 cable, but because we provide these cables at economical prices and fastest delivery system.

Cat6 and its types cable is the standard Ethernet cable comprising four pair wires in a PVC, LSZH or Plenum. You can use this cable to upgrade from Cat3, Cat5 and Cat5e applications.Generally utilized in new installations for the fast internet speed and voice signals, it tends to approach a limit of 90 meters while maintaining its integrity. As such, if you have a Cat5 network, you should update it to get the full advantage of the faster Cat6 cable. One more advantage of Cat6 or Cat6a FTP cable is its ability to restrict electromagnetic commotion and signal crosstalk.

Faster Speeds Over Longer Distances | Install Cat6a FTP Cable or Cat6 FTP Cable

The cables, such as Cat6a, Cat6aUTP cable, and Cat6a FTP cable have tightly twisted pairs and specialized holding agents to assist with protecting the integrity of the signal with less information transfer disturbance or other interferences.

In addition, a faster and more solid signal can be basic to organizations that rely upon the unwavering quality of data transmission to work every day. Cat6a cable is the following innovative Ethernet linking tool for more reliability, less crosstalk, and enhanced speed range. Order today and get the competitive advantage of using the fastest and securest Ethernet cables in your business settings. We provide quotations for Cat6a FTP cable, Cat6a UTP cable, and Cat6a cable to assist you in achieving your goal to have better internet connections in your premises.

Shielded, Unshielded, or Any Other Type | Choose Cat6 FTP Cables Here

We supply a broad scope of cables for complete network upgrades and new installations. We have various sorts of cables in Cat6a UTP cable, Cat6a F/FTP cable, Cat6a F/UTP cable, Cat6 UTP cable, Cat6 FTP with PVC or LSZH

While most of the present systems are unable to enjoy the speed and dependability of Cat6 cable thoroughly, many individuals demand introducing this special cable type for their homes or business.We are the authorized distributor and supplier of Category-6 cables in the country with higher conversion rates and suitable cables.

Order Cat6 Cables | Reduce Installation Cost, Time, & Increase Gigabit Speed

We understand if you are looking for better cabling options combined with safety features and enhanced performance. Cat6a and Cat6 UTP cable precisely provide what you need, whether fire-retardant coating or faster network system capabilities. If you would like to know more or need assistance in choosing the suitable cable for your premises, give us a call or email us your questions.