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Amberwork Source Pte Ltd is a distributor and stockist who specializes in supplying cables for Enterprise and Network Infrastructure. We can service your company with our complete range of solutions for your projects and immediate stock requirements. We offer a wide range of brands and products and are the official distributor of Commscope SYSTIMAX & NetConnect, Delta UPS, Legrand Cablofil and Dura-line.

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Wide Range of Products

With high inventories level, strong and complete logistic support, we are dedicated to serving you with our wide range of cables to suit your needs. You can trust us as your reliable partner. Your advantage by engaging with us is our ability to give you the exact types of Solutions to match your requirements at a short notice.

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Competitive Pricing

In-depth knowledge of the industry and products based on decades of experience ensure that we engage our customers with Competitive Pricing Strategies.


Delta UPS Distributor in Singapore

Get High-Performance Delta UPS & Increase Productivity

No rejecting the thought that technological advancements have made businesses better. Still, IT has its concerns. What would you do if you ran out of power while working with sensitive data? Best-case scenario, it is not delightful.You can eliminate the danger of such an issue emerging by putting resources into an uninterruptible power supply for your electronics from Amberwork Source PTE LTD.We are the foremost and licensed authority on the distribution of Delta UPS in Singapore. Get features like—High Accuracy, Low Total Cost, Reliability, and Service Support.

Nothing Impresses Like Delta UPS | Resourceful & Reliable Power Supply Support

Information is developing, and the reach of data server farms is on the high cloud by 90 percent. The power shortage for these server farms keeps on happening, leaving them in a condition of weakness. There is an always-expanding strain to accomplish power accessibility and effectiveness. The present UPSs offer many features to assist you with power shortages. We understand the expense of blackouts can be huge for any business. To decrease this from happening, why not use UPSs that can handle electricity fluctuations and blackouts. A UPS directs approaching voltage and gives battery power in case of a power shortage. A single UPS holds the ability to sufficient a short blackout.

Improve Your Business Life & Get Genuine UPS Support

Get in touch with us to discuss prices and installations. An uninterruptible power supply is a little gadget that works between your appliances and the primary power source furnishing you with power. Its work is basic: to get power and channel it. A small Delta UPS in Singapore has a battery, hence the expression uninterruptible. Expect security against power outages. We understand blackouts are not exceptionally regular; they do occur every now and then. A single blackout can down all electrical cables or complete power in a brief time. As the authorized Delta UPS Singapore distributor, we can help you get security against power fluctuations. Likely, electricity fluctuations are uncommon, but these happen and often leave a mess behind, damaging thousands of dollars of equipment. Fluctuations in the power supply can cause harm to your sensitive hardware like computers.

You will shield your business from these fluctuations with a UPS because the UPS channels just a constant flow of even power. With a Delta UPS, you can protect your valuable information. With the assurance of a UPS, you will not confront this tough spot because if there is a power shortage or fluctuation, this device will stable the power flow.  

Protecting Work & Saving Time | Delta UPS In Singapore

You could be the one to encounter it. Your unprotected power supply goes off out of nowhere, and you have not saved anything of your work. Is there more frustrating in life? Your data is roaming the darkness, and you have to begin again.Yet, a powerful UPS installation will give you sufficient time to work through the blackout or possibly permit you to save your work.Here, we offer to become your Delta UPS Singapore distributor, and we will shield your business from power damage by protecting your basic electronics from issues—guaranteeing business-basic applications are consistently on.